Gunsmith – Shipping for Repair

To ship your firearm to a licensed FFL gunsmith for transfer or repair.

The gunsmith shop shipping address is as follows;

Not currently receiving new work.


Small arms may be shipped using UPS or FedEx, just package it in any plain box, ensure it for the appropriate amount and drop it off. If asked I am a licensed manufacturer/dealer. Parts or non-firing arms may be sent USPS if that is easier.

Package your piece in a nondescript box. Boxes of the appropriate size can be found usually for free at any FedEx shipping location. Make sure your item is wrapped securely with bubble wrap so it doesn’t rattle around inside the box.

If you own a quality case you can use that inside the shippers provided box for additional protection.

ATF rules for shipping to a gunsmith.

Follow this link for the ATF website.

ATF Rule on Shipping to a licensee


My Ole Atlas Gunsmith Lathe

My Ole Atlas Gunsmith Lathe

After the work is completed and paid for, I will package your item up securely and return ship it using FedEx. Depending on the size of the box it will go FedEx ground or FedEx flat rate. I can ship either directly to your home, or for your convenience and have the package held at a FedEx location until you come get it. Either way you will have to sign for the package in person.

If you prefer I ship using UPS that can be done. However it is more expensive. Because of my volume of shipping FedEx has cut me a special deal and I can typically ship for three day delivery with half of the expense of other carriers and I pass that savings on to you.