Gunsmith Reviews – Customer Ratings

Un-Solicited Gunsmith Reviews

These gunsmith reviews were received either in an email or by letter from previous customers. I specialize in general repair, which is not particularly glamorous but it is interesting.

Since general repair is the least thrilling aspect of gunsmithing, I’ve posted these comments to give you an idea of what it’s all about since you’re not likely to see an article about me in any magazine.


Your work on my shotgun received a Wow. Nice !

Don K.



Hi John!
After I found your note on the invoice, I got my answer.
Sorry to bother you, and again thank you very much for fixing
my revolver. I tried two other gun shops (Lancaster gun shop, Tehachapi shooters
supply) and I was told that it needs a new cylinder with extractor and none available.
So I am very pleasantly surprised that you were able to fix it at all.

Thanks again, Jim P.



I got it brother. It’s perfect…!!!
Thank You
Magnet is right in the middle of the fridge and cards in wallet..!!

 Thank you once again! I received it and it looks super…you do excellent work!! I sure do appreciate it! It was more than I expected!!

Thanks again!

John did a great job fixin up my 357 mag…..I would have had to scrap it if it were not for his expertise!
Thanks  John
BTW, is Billy a Dachshund??
Bill W.
That 1905 Smith shoots better now than it did when it was new. You made a replacement part by hand!
I thought NO GUNSMITH did that anymore – Thanks I’m very Happy.
Ron L.
Thank you for reading these gunsmith reviews.